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Stand-up comedy showcase finds loyal following in unlikely venue

There's some unique venues in Detroit. But Recycle Here, where the monthly stand-up comedy showcase Chuckie Finster takes place, might take the cake (watch the video to see why the reference to cake was intentional and totally not cliched). 

Recycle Here, a recycle center located on Holden Street near New Center where people can drop off their recyclables three days a week, is charmingly disheveled -- there's overflowing cardboard boxes, grease-stained, overall-wearing staff, and bits of paper and styrofoam strewn about. While it may not look like your normal recycle center, it also doesn't look like a performance venue. 

And yet, the organizers and comedians of Chuckie Finster have garnered a dedicated following -- close to 100 people attended their last showcase on May 20. We sent videographer Michael Babbish there last month to talk to the organizers about the venue, if the showcase's name might have been taken from a "Rugrats" character, and what makes the show so popular. 

Chuckie Finster is typically on the last Saturday each month. To get updates on upcoming shows, go to their Facebook page
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